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AM ROV is one of the nation’s premier submarine player
Hexapod walking robot walking on step simulation
DESKTOP-5 is one of the world's smallest portable CNC
NEW AM ROV now available! Up to 2000 feet depth
Sonar Inspection Systems
Offshore Operations & Rental Services

About AM

Alps Robot Limited was established as a startup company in Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks in Nov 2015. The brand Alps Motion(AM)® is a registered trademark identify for industrial robotics products.

We are focused primarily on motion control PCB products application for robotics and automation technology.

Driven by technology accumulation and innovation, we are now R&D a 18 Degree Of Freedom Hexapod (Six Legs) walking robot name Spider X, which is supported by our tailor make motion control system.

The concept design of Spider X is  light weight but high play load capabilities while some versions support transition into diversify range of application in the  future.

  • 1) Logistics
  • 2) Nuclear
  • 3) High school Education Market
  • 4) Substitute wheel or track chassis of traditional engineering machines
  • 5) Electro-hydraulic version
  • 6) Telepresence, search and rescue