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Walking Spider Robot (Six legs) Training Services

Update:2020-02-25 18:16:00Clicks:2054 times
the Hong Kong EMSD innovation Portal list the spider robot product in the website

Spider Robot Control Training Services

Solution Feature

  • Mobile Control Hexapod(6 legged) Walking Robot with 18 degree of freedom
  • Walking Playload from 100kg to 300kg series.
  • Battery Lift over 8 hours optional.
  • Walking speed around 0.7m/s

Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Mobile Control the Hexapod walking robot moving in a typical country park road including stairs, slop less than 25 degree, uneven terrain.
  • Available to work outdoor in normal harsh environment..Water proof & dust proof grade IP53
  • Vision with AI machine learning technology to recognize various kind of trees or shrub etcs
  • 3D SLAM to scan the road condition
  • A Five Axis robot ARM shall be mounted on the top of the robot to guide the spraying tube
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