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R&D Services

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R&D Service for robotics projects , further develop Hexapod walking Robot , CVT, Linear actuators


Alpsmotion furnish Three standard models Hexapod Walking Robot which include Spider robot CAMEL,Spider robot WANDER & Spider robot ATRAX. To meet some industrial circumstance. We help client R&D robotics adaptable for the requirement of playload, frame size, working speed, IP ratio, or even underwater ROV etcs. Alps Motion have been accumulated fundamental research experience on the Spider robotics series and related disciplines to help client fulfill the functional purpose.

This is an initial stage to kickoff projects which may start from a black sheet of paper or from an existing products or design provide us to form the functional configuration. What is your mission. We will find a solution. Concurrently we also prepare 3D CAD models, define project phases, work on usability and market estimation reports with a gross budget estimation. Our Ph.Ds and engineers have worked in the field and can support you either from the beginning or simply providing a validation to increase the success of your project. Hexapod 6 legs Spider Robot R&D


Spider is a heavy duty walking robot. This  makes the robot have a wide range of functional applications for industry and mobile vehicle. AlpsMotion is available to assemble variable equipment on top of the robot. Those function may include:

  • Twin arms robot
  • From five to seven axils robot
  • Carrier or bucket.
  • Scissor cherry picker
  • Mini hydraulic Crane or cutter
  • Fogging machine with or without arm
  • Automation military emission systems
  • Driver cabin for Spider ATRAX-PRO version

3D model - spider robot


AlpsMotion’s non-standard version hexapod walking robot and parts are tailor make for various playload, working circumstance and function. The working playload supports wide range design from 150kg to 2000kg.  Alpsmotion can assist you in the structural design and analysis phase of your project using Finite Element Analysis Modeling with decades of expertise in composite structures. It can predict structural materials’ behavior under various load conditions and allows the study of stress and strain responses.

We can apply to our models appropriate surface pressure distributions, obtained from dynamics calculation, to fully cover structure loading. Buckling and structural stability, modal and non-linear analyses are further examples of how Finite Element Analysis is used here. Modal analysis of working vibration can point out possible flutter issues in early design phases.

Motion simulation of the robot walking gait support engineers analysis the dynamic situation before detail design.

For those playload over 1000kg, the continues variable Actuator/transmission (or call CVT or IVT) patent by AlpsMotion shall be applied to reduce cost of transportation (COT). Which is a significant concern in robotics development industry.

Success Case

Electric Motor analysis example for  Spider X refer to the drawing on the right hand side

Walking Gait simulation videos CLICK HERE

electric motor design


Hexapod walking robot is an extremely compact and integrated system to make sure the robot have the best strength and weight ratio. We are experienced in the design and integration of the hexapod walking robot systems: motion controls, servo drives and actuators, electrical, batteries, continues variable transmission/gearbox or call infinitely variable transmission/gearbox, payloads e.g., 3D SLAM scanner + vision, as well as on top equipment with control systems that integrated into Spider robots.

Success Case:

Hardware Architecture

Hexapod Robot Hardware Architecture

Hardware Architecture


Alpsmotion has developed unique skills and capabilities when it comes to motion control electronics or some professors call lower computer. With in-house design and prototyping of custom electronics boards, developing tailored software, or interfacing off-the-shelf solutions to your systems to achieve special functionality.

We have built custom HMI interfaces, handles, displays for our cockpits, and we carry out in-house development of all electronics for electric flight (power controllers, displays, HMI, vehicle control computers, chargers etc.)

Servo Control System

control system of 6 legs walking spider robot

Software Control Architecture


I.             Joint positioning

II.            Joint force

III.           IMU

IV.          GPS

V.            Ground contact

VI.          Laser gyroscope (3D SLAM)

VII.         vision system

VIII.        Internal sensors monitoring:

1)            Battery monitoring gauge

2)            Servo motor Encoders

Onboard Computer

I.             PC104+ EtherCAT board

II.            Linux real-time OS

III.           Code: C++

IV.          Custom I/O interface board

V.            Function Performed:

VI.          Joystick control

VII.         Sensing

VIII.        Data Collection

IX.           Electric Power Distribution.

Vision Technology and Machine Learning

As the robot will work in outdoor terrain road, the machine learning to recognize the road should be apply. We have the technology to recognize various kinds of road condition and green area, including mud road, country road characteristic.  Normally at least 300~500 photos are necessary for our sampling before real site testing. accuracy can be over 96% as per our previous projects.


Once completed the design, the prototype construction brings your concept to life. With a long tradition in building composite Spider robot series, we can speed up your construction and build in a cost effective way your prototype. Compared to metal constructions, composites are superior in surface shaping, they do not suffer from corrosion and are fatigue resilient.

Success Case

In 2019 March~July, Alpsmotion built the Spider Xi robot.  Spider is a gold rose color built on the concept of Series Elastic Actuator SEA. The mainframe was use 5 Axil machine tooling.

In 2019 Aug~Nov, Alpsmotion built the Spider Xii robot. This robot is built on the concept of series elastic actuators SEA driven robot. The new SEA is and superior of impact absorption. Main parts was use 5 Axils machine tooling.

CNC cutting parts

assembling the spider robot


The normal testing  has a dedicated facility for structural testing of full-scale mainframe and robotics components with temperatures up to 40°C. Force, deflection, drop down, hammer hitting to test impact capabilities, strain measuring sensors synchronized with high speed video footage by state of the art measurement amplifiers are used to verify if the structural behavior is in accordance with planned response. Alpsmotion, assist client in defining and performing the required ground and road tests demonstrating the compliance to design request.

Success Case:

Spider X Hexapod Walking Robot Road Test Videos CLICK HERE

spider robot road test



The development of powerful strength weight ratio electrical Spider Hexapod Walking Robot Hybrid  legged + wheel system is a tremendous engineering  challenge especially when the playload design is over1000kg.  Alpsmotion’s Spider ATRAX is born to provide an affordable industrial solution. We have assisted several customers in developing electricle  auto- mobile robot  projects, where the advanced know how developed hardware and software as Alpsmotion key advantage.