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Hexapod Walking Robot

Update:2018-05-21 03:26:33Clicks:1549 times
Spider A Hexapod Walking Robot R&D

R&D a Spider A Hexapod Walking Robot

Spider A is in the R&D period. The prototype is scheduled to complete end of August 2018

Tradition construction mobile machines are used wheel or caterpillar chassis. The most operational sequence was restricted by these tradition platforms. We invent a kind of hexapod walking platform or hybrid with the wheel as substitute solution.

Spider A Chassis is a compact and rugged walking hexapod robot. The robot Prototype is weight 50kg with the safety play load is 300kg. The hydraulic version has more than 3 tons play load. This high strength-weight ratio 6:1 of engineering solution can make this robot working in terrain environment of narrow space for the construction industry and logistic filed while tradition wheel or track chassis can't access.


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