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Spider Transformer

Update:2018-05-21 04:03:40Clicks:2372 times
Spider Transformer Module Design AI robot

R&D Spider Transformer

The concept of Spider Transformer is to make a robot as a common hardware platform for (AI) algorithm testing.

DIY by this hardware, users can assemble a robot as simple as their computers.

Researchers could easily test their concept by real case studies except for MATLAB simulation. Our products can save their research period  from months to a few  days.

Most of the time, people purchase different kinds of robots such as 3 Axis robot, Scara type 4 Axis robot, Stewart platform, Delta type pickup robot, multi-robot communication or co-operation, etc. Spider Transformer is a One-stop solution. It combines mechanics and electronics and saves you time to develop. Release your hand that you have no need to concern the bottom layer of mechanics and electronics research. It is module design, any part of the module can be combined together to form different types of robots. At present, we use the same modules assemble more than ten types or robots in the market. Anyone who familiar with C/C++ programme can use our SDK, API, UI to further develop their projects.

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