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Hexapod Walking Robot X Series And V Series

Update:2020-05-16 12:18:36Clicks:473 times
Alps Motion Hexapod Walking Robot X Series And V Series

Hexapod Walking Robot Spider Xi(X Series)

Spider Xi is a prototype developed in 2019. It's a typical Spider X Series structure to improve successful of the concept design. CLICK HERE TO FIND MORE. Hexapod Walking Robot Xi

Hexapod Walking Robot Spider XL(X Series)

Hexapod Walking Robot XL Spider XL is Hexapod Walking Robot designed to improve the long wheel base structure with high play load which developed in 2019. CLICK HERE TO FIND MORE.

Hexapod Walking Robot Spider CAMEL (X Series)

CAMEL is a nimble commercial spider robot designed to work at indoor environment. Suit for developers, R&D institutes or labs have the purpose to test algorithms, hardware and sensor applications. The spider hardware interface and accessible API enable third parties to develop their ideal application. CLICK HERE TO FIND MORE AND SUBSCRIBE ALPSMOTION YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Hexapod Walking Robot CAMEL

Hexapod Walking Robot Spider WANDER (V Series)

Hexapod Walking Robot WANDER WANDER is a hybrid legs and wheels robot. Four nos. 8 inch wheels are coupled fixed on the four legs to provide additional suport while sitting. WANDER is designed for contruction site adapt for both indoor and short way outdoor condition. Each wheel concludes indenpent suspension component.

Hexapod Walking Robot Spider ATRAX (V Series)

ATRAX is a hybrid legs and wheels robot . Two 14 inch driven wheels conclude four level indenpendent suspension compenent. They can be retracted while walking by legs. This unique technology make the robot conquer rough terrain also drive fast like a normal mini car on road. Hexapod Walking Robot ATRAX

Production Model ID : Spider A-B-C(pro)-D-E

A- Series code;

B- Dynamic load carrying capacity, arround 2 times safety factor compare to static load carrying capacity.
e.g., 150 represent 150kg walking play load, and it have 300kg play load at sitting mode or standing mode when 6 legs touch ground.
C-(pro)Optional version IP54 provided as to withstand dusty and wet industrial environments.
D-Version code.
E- Main color code.