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Alpsmotion’s Infinitely Variable Actuator

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Alpsmotion’s Infinitely Variable Actuator (IVA or IVT/CVT)

Alpsmotion’s  Infinitely Variable Actuator Introduction

( IVA or IVT/CVT無級致動器/變速器/變速箱)

 application of alpsmotion IVT

Alpsmotion is a world’s leading Hexapod Walking Robot design studio engaged in the development strength-weight ratio and high performance of electronic integrated mechanical solutions. Alpsmotion have been accumulated more than five years fundamental R&D in robotics. Except for robotics innovation, we are patents holders of inventions related to Infinitely Variable Actuator IVA, which also the same means of variable mechanical transmissions continues gearbox. Or call infinitely variable transmission (IVT) and continuous variable transmission (CVT).

A brief survey paper to overview the IVT and CVT technology nowadays or the pass.

However, what’s the differences compare Alpsmotion IVA with other comment worldwide use of IVTs and CVTs.  

Alpsmotion’s  IVA (or IVT/CVT) is a specific type of I/CVT (the infinitely/continous variable transmission). in which the range of ratios of output shaft speed to input shaft speed can includes a zero ratio that can be continuously approached from a defined higher ratio. A zero output speed (low gear) with a finite input speed implies an infinite input-to-output speed ratio, which can be continuously approached from a given finite input value with an IVT. Low gears are a reference to low ratios of output speed to input speed. This low ratio is taken to the extreme with I/CVTs, resulting in a "neutral", or non-driving "low" gear limit, in which the output speed is zero.

Because continuously variable transmissions are built with fewer parts compared to conventional transmissions, they are less expensive to manufacture. This savings is passed along to consumers in vehicle’s selling price and improving a vehicle’s fuel efficiency.


Expand Torque & Speed Performance of Electric Motor

Alpsmotion’s  IVA (or IVT/CVT)  can transfer substantial torque, because their static friction actually increases relative to torque throughput, so slippage is impossible in properly designed systems. Efficiency is generally high, because most of the dynamic friction is caused by very slight transitional clutch speed changes.

Alpsmotion’s  IVA (or IVT/CVT) can offer better efficiency when compared to other CVTs as in the preferred range of operation because most of the power flows through internal gear system. Torque transmission capability can also be increased. There's also possibility to stage power splits for further increase in efficiency, torque transmission capability and better maintenance of efficiency over a wide gear ratio range.

Alpsmotion’s  IVA (or IVT/CVT)  is a "continuous variator with  infinite ratio and neutral'" using at least four point contact  gears , this natural high rigid attribute can which can transfer high impact. So make it can be used on any transmission (esemoio: gasoline, diesel, natural gas), wind turbines, or steam, human power bicycles , electric motors, as well as a large number of industrial or agricultural applications, replacing the current transmissions.

Alpsmotion’s  IVA (or IVT/CVT)  can offer both  precise and   back- drivabilities. Significantly, this is the critical point that make this mechanism applied on robotics industry. Due to it must supports electric motors both CW and CCW rotation in a precise slippage is allowable. So it support robot to compliance control and force control with built in encoder to open loop control or close loop control.

Choosing Alpsmotion’s  IVA (or IVT/CVT)  , the torque control by the same motor can support up to 700% torque. This breakthrough technology not only empowering electrical motors very high anti-impact capabilities and make it close to the hydraulic motor performance, but also empowering electrical motors have high bandwidth to speed and torque control.


IVA TR Twin Rotation Series
IVA SP Stall Protection Series

1).Robotics with precise position and torque control

2).Electric Cars

3).Wind Power Station

4).Motorcycle or bike industry

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